Every Student Matters. Every Moment Counts.

Enroll at Hendricks Public Schools today

Each adult is responsible for every student. Children deserve an exceptional education, so why not enroll your child in Hendricks Public Schools? We are a small public school district that offers pre-school, elementary, middle and high school programs in the Hendricks, Minnesota area. Our experienced teachers and staff are dedicated to building respectful and responsible citizens and empowering all learners.

Enroll your child today to enjoy access to an exceptional education and school system that benefits from:

A small public school network
Individualized instruction
A focus on community engagement
Cohesive and experienced teachers and staff

Providing for our students

Hendricks Public Schools is a full-service facility that makes sure to provide both exceptional learning programs and a healthy food program. We offer breakfast and lunch during normal school hours, and dinner for after school programs. We care about our students’ well-being and their ability to learn. It’s our goal to provide every child with what they need at Hendricks Public Schools.

Where community comes together

Hendricks Public Schools is a community of lifelong learners and champions of our own success. We are a community with high expectation and high academic achievement. Our scholastic programming involves sports, clubs and other activities that bring students together. We take pride in the support of our Hendricks community, and your child is guaranteed a collaborative and successful environment.

Contact us at 507-275-3115 with any questions regarding school policies, activities or enrollment.